BY Eric Toffey

Late August 2003 emerges a website to represent "random comics"-- whatever they are. The site promices to promote those online comic artist who pen the unusual, and provide news, reviews and things about other stuff and will have a daily comic strip updated by those in the community. All of the comis represented by this site all have one common matra -- "The dumber people think you are, the more surprised they'll be when you kill them! " Here is a look on how it all started ......

Money without effort?

Post #23
phase 1 - steal underpant
phase 2 - ???
phase 3 - profit!

Post #24
I still think phase2 has something to do with Girls Gone Wild.

Post #25
...and possibly pig entrails.

Post #26
what other forum can you go to where the conversation turns to pig entrails?

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Post #28
Even though I was certain that link wasn't going to work I still had to click it.

Post #29
someone please make that link reality.

 Post #30
I can't believe nobody has bought that domain name.

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Mr Demaree
That's a crime against humanity far worse than even the holocaust.


Well, there you have it. Im not quite sure what any of that meant. In fact I wish I didn't spend the last 9 minutes coding it. Anyhoo, members who want to support us can place our pig button on their site and i will throw their link into random rotation. Also members are asked to go into the arcade section an try to beat Fifty's score on SauceInvaders... he wont stop braging.