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BY Eric Toffey

Late August 2003 emerges a website to represent "random comics"-- whatever they are. The site promices to promote those online comic artist who pen the unusual, and provide news, reviews and things about other stuff and will have a daily comic strip updated by those in the community. All of the comis represented by this site all have one common matra -- "The dumber people think you are, the more surprised they'll be when you kill them! " Here is a look on how it all started ......

Money without effort?

Post #23
phase 1 - steal underpant
phase 2 - ???
phase 3 - profit!

Post #24
I still think phase2 has something to do with Girls Gone Wild.

Post #25
...and possibly pig entrails.

Post #26
what other forum can you go to where the conversation turns to pig entrails?

Post #27

Post #28
Even though I was certain that link wasn't going to work I still had to click it.

Post #29
someone please make that link reality.

 Post #30
I can't believe nobody has bought that domain name.

Post #31
Mr Demaree
That's a crime against humanity far worse than even the holocaust.


Well, there you have it. Im not quite sure what any of that meant. In fact I wish I didn't spend the last 9 minutes coding it. Anyhoo, members who want to support us can place our pig button on their site and i will throw their link into random rotation. Also members are asked to go into the arcade section an try to beat Fifty's score on SauceInvaders... he wont stop braging.



Martial Arts Star Jackie Chan to Play Grocer - For Real.
BY Salmon

Jackie Chan, star of many martial arts films and well known for performing his own stunts, won't just be playing his next role. He'll be living it. Due to the enormous failure of Chan's latest film " The Medallion", a token example of cinematic disregard of quality, Jackie will be 'acting' as a grocer for the rest of his mortal life. Though his film will career will live forever, Jackie Chan is expected to hang himself from the beams of his one bedroom apartment in the months to come, as the strain of running a small business and the frequent displays of idiocy on the part of his employees and customers becomes more abundant than his own will to live.  
In such classical films as "Rumble in the Bronx", "Rush Hour" and "Mr. Nice Guy" Jackie Chan would battle against baddies in displays of masterful martial arts skill and breathtaking stunts, staged and performed by Chan himself. However, after the release of "The Medallion" the only baddies he is expected to battle are stubborn women, over the date on jugs of milk. "The Medallion" is a story about a Hong Kong policeman, chasing a mysterious criminal with the suggestive alias "Snakehead" who is also chasing a boy which possesses a medallion said to have the ability to grant eternal life.  
This movie is different from most other Chan films, because Jackie Chan uses stunt doubles, computer generated effects, and is starring in a film so horrible not even Jackie Chan can carry it. When reached for comment as to why he would take a risk on such an obviously bad film, Jackie had this to say.  
"Buy something or get out of my store."  
Chan Food Market, on 46th Street in NYC is open 7am to 10pm Monday through Friday, 8 to 5 Saturdays and is closed on Sunday. No loitering. ;
Kitten Shot Down Over China
BY Salmon

A small kitten trapped inside a red balloon was shot down over Chinese airspace today. The kitten, whose name was Megatron, had been afloat inside the balloon which was carried along on the jetstream until Chinese intelligence identified the flying object as a threat to national security and promptly opened fire. Megatron is assumed to have died in the crash.
Scientists the world over are disappointed with this development, as many have been tracking Megatrons journey in hopes it could provide more information on the currents of the jetstream. A number of people in various parts of the US have claimed ownership of the traveling feline, but Megatron is expected to have began his journey in upstate New York. Scientists predict that Megatron would have flown nearly all the way around the world, landing somewhere in the northern portion of the westcoast.
Chinese officials aplogised to the international scientific community and the family of Megatron.  
This article is dedicated in the enduring memory of the frequent flier feline, Megatron.
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