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Interview with-- Erich Phillips

How did you start making comics?

It was nothing special. The combination of school and oral anesthetic drove me to release unfiltered thoughts in comic art form on college rule notebook paper while my classmates yammered on about trivial childish works and dealings, simpletons with a lovely vail of ignorance across there faces, the wool over their eyes as they march willing two by two to the slaughterhouse, each graciously receiving a thorough mind-f*cking and thanking those who gladly did administer it.

and then I bought this tablet thing. hoorj.

What inspires you?

People mostly, and the things they say. Do you honestly think I came up with "I dip my sausage in milk" on my own? Most of my comic just works around strange things I hear people say.

What medium to you use?

the computer machine. If I had a scanner I'd use real pencils and chalk.

Last CD you bought?

I bought a bunch at the same time...the most important of which I guess would be They Might be Giants, "Dial-A-Song, 20 years of They Might be Giants".

Comic strip that you would like to punch?

Anything MaRiNe ever did.

Finish this sentence. What the fuck is wrong with.....




Lost Luggage Returns After 24-Year Absence

news of the stupid

BERLIN (Reuters) - A German who lost a suitcase full of clothes after a holiday in 1979 is to get it back 24 years after he first reported it missing, police said on Tuesday.
Officers found the brown and beige case lying outside a police station in the western city of Duesseldorf and identified its owner as a 61-year-old former hairdresser who lost it after a trip to Senegal in 1979. Where the case had been was unclear.
Duesseldorf police said the clothes were in good condition and did not seem to have been eaten by moths.
Police said the man was surprised and amused at the discovery but did not want the clothes back, fearing the disco-era garb would no longer suit him. But the man's wife persuaded her husband to take the case back.
"She was curious to see what was in there," said a police spokeswoman.

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