my megar vocabulary can do this site no justice.

  wear a diaper, you may soil it.
  like NASCAR? me neither. go here. so funny i spray-painted the inside of my trousers brown.
  it has an alcoholic cat, and a cigarette smoking smurf. this is the type of comic strip i would do if i was good.
  this comic curses like a sailor. no. a pirate. this comic curses like a pirate. a funny pirate.
  if you were to capture a fart in a jar that would be pretty great. this also is pretty great.
  a great alternative to suicide.
  ass patrol dot net, say it-- its fun. SAAAAAAAAAY IT!!!
  stephen notley is god. worship here.
  damn this is a good looking comic. i tell ya, if i were 10 years younger.........
  simple. elegant. is that how you spell elegant? it looks wrong. fuck it.
  if i was a crack head, this would be the pipe.
  Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. a great place to steal ideas.
  just another reason why i will never be good.
  The all new independent cowboy justice brigade.
  link me