Interview with-- Steve Hogan

How did you start making comics?
My first comic was called "Swamp Stories" and was created through the labor intensive method of retracing the original art with a sheet of carbon paper underneath. I later did pencils for a comic created by high schoolers who used to lock me in a room and not let me out until I had slid sufficient quantities of art under the door.
What inspires you?
Old food packaging, Russ Meyer, Hanna Barbera, European soundtracks from the 60's, UPA cartoons, Emma Peel, rock posters, Betty and Veronica, the Coen Brothers, beer trays, the Velvet Underground, Godzilla, Campari on the rocks.....
What medium to you use?
Pencils, paper, markers and Flash.
Last CD you bought?
A reissue of the first album by the 60's Brazillian group OS MUTANTES. They were one of the major bands of the "Tropicalia" movement and one of the most psychedelic. The album's like SGT PEPPER only ten times weirder and sung in Portugese.
Comic strip that you would like to punch?
Anything that requires you to have worked 5 years at Electronics Boutique to get the punchline.
Finish this sentence. What the fuck is wrong with.....
Nick Nolte. That dude is MESSED UP.