Interview with-- monkey (nick)
pig entralis member
How did you start making comics?
I'm ashamed to say that 'That's My Sonic' was the first comic I read (in lunch breaks at school in the computer rooms), and if that's not bad enough, *cringe* I started a terrible sprite comic by the name of 'The Brass Monkey' using a mixture of Final Fantasy AND Megaman sprites. The Horror. After about 30 strips it made the leap to being hand-drawn, and I pretty much phased out all FF/MM references and brought in original characters. That got a bit more credibility (ie. 50-60 uniques a day) It ran daily for 7 months, ending on a month-and-a-half long halloween storyline. I've created 3 more comics since then, finished one of them at a time I pre-specified, putting the second on hiatus within a month of writing this, the third's just getting started, and have ideas for two or three more.
What inspires you?
Pretty much everything I see. Pretty crappy answer, but all of my comics so far have been completely different, so I can do the different kinds of humour I feel like doing and focus on different aspects. Obviously stuff I watch on TV and read in both comics and text influences me, but I've found thinking half-asleep really late at night/really early in the morning in bed helps with random humour.
What medium to you use?
pencil sketch, then ink with a 'uniball micro' pen apparently. The make isn't very noteworthy but I'm comfortable with it and stick with it. Then it's on to photoshop.
Last CD you bought?
I mail ordered 3 'Atom And His Package' CDs so I now have all five albums. Atom's hard to describe, but nearest I can get is a strange guy with a synthesiser and the ability to play some punk guitar and drums occasionally, who makes songs about everything and anything including Enya, Rob Halford, the metric system, going on a shopping spree, and how he is amazed at what he can destroy with a hammer. He's on of my three favourite artists, along with the Mad Caddies and Mindless Self Indulgence.
Comic strip that you would like to punch?
That's My Sonic. For getting me into this whole mess. Actually, it's because when I look at it now, in my opinion, it sucks. I don't even like Sonic. I go for fat plumbers myself. The site (which now has some other sonic comics on) has a very large audience, but which seems to be comprised of much younger people who either don't know of any other webcomics (like myself), or are just stupid and/or shallow. There, I said it. AND I LIKED IT!
Finish this sentence. What the fuck is wrong with.....
Oh, I could be all cool and say manufactured bands, slaves to pop culture ('specially supposedly 'punk' kids and 'I'm so different' goth kids who all look the same), terrorists, capitalists, homophobes/racists/facists/sexists, prices of CDs being to high, the RIAA, the list goes on. Since I'm not cool, I'll say What the fuck is wrong with... Blizzard. You bastards think that Korea is more deserving of a World of Warcraft beta test than Europe? Well suck it! ps. I love you please give me beta key thanks xxx