Interview with-- KC "K-Sizzle" Green
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How did you start making comics?
Sheer boredom overtook me as a young child So, to overcome all that, I would doodle on the back of worksheets that the teacher passed out instead of actually working on them. I soon got a severe thrashing for doing so.
What inspires you?
The racist, homophobic, lying, dirty, filthy, sexist, stupid, moronic, sheltered, close-minded, people, that live in this horribly awesome world, inspire me to spit back in thier faces.
What medium to you use?
Whatever I can get my fat, greasy hands on (ie: pencils, mechanical pencils, pens, wacom tablet, ink pens, blood from a virgin [ie:mine], etc.).
Last CD you bought?
Bought? .....Pffft. You so crazy.
Comic strip that you would like to punch?
Penny Arcade. Mostly out of spite of everyone else who likes it, though. Nutin' personal, yo.
Finish this sentence. What the fuck is wrong with.....
...wannabe cowboys. Just because you have a gi-fuck-gantic truck does not make you one, yourself.