Interview with-- Jonathan Cheetham of Fifty&Halifax

How did you start making comics?
i have a big sketchpad which i draw all my stupid characters in, and one day i drew this crazy stump-with-a-tail and thought 'god damn hes sexy' so i decided to do a comic with him in. I then looked back over older sketches to find someone to pair him up with, and one that kept popping up about 10 times on each page was a crazy non-spider with a overbite and a mischievous look about him. deciding the chances of me getting into print comics was about a frillion to one, i decided to start a webcomic. at the time i thought there were like 20 webcomics or something. turns out there were 20'000'000.
What inspires you?
lots of things really. im a big film fan, and films like 12 monkeys inspire me to make my plots quite twisted and grandé. by far my most direct influences are the cartoons i grew up watching, mainly nickelodeon toons like ren and stimpy and rockos modern life. also simpsons and probably the reason i started f+h...futurama. since I started the comic ive been reading alot of stuff by dave cooper and roman dirge, the former for the excellent plots and sick humour and the latter for the art style and character design.
What medium to you use?
i draw in pencil, scan, then colour on pc using paintshoppro 7.
Last CD you bought?
'no code' by pearl jam, which ive had for about 2 weeks and not listened to yet.
Comic strip that you would like to punch?
zxipi. right in the chops. then we'd have a homoerotic wrestle.
Finish this sentence. What the fuck is wrong with.....
you losers who cant beat my sauceinvaders score?