Interview with-- Drew White

How did you start making comics?
I believe the most primitive of my comics were made in about eighth grade. My friend David Chen and I would sit in reading class and draw comics about our teacher, Mr Diaz, or about Pew, our own creation. (Pew was a character in Treasure Island; a blind pirate who gets trampled by horses. We made him a cowboy and kept him around for several years in The Adventures of Mr Demaree.) In high school, David had a teacher named Mr. Demaree; a deadly serious, never-funny, former member of the CIA with a comically half-robot, half-thirteen-year-old-boy voice and a famous knowledge of mathematics. He became victim to David's imagination. Meanwhile, I was discovering the wonderful world of webcomics. After reading 8-bit-theatre, I realized that sprite comics were the wave of the future and made my own crappy megaman comic. However, after I saw David's hilariously random comics and started reading such comics as Elftor and Pokey the Penguin, I realized that random humor was more my thing. David and I colaborated and The Adventures of Mr Demaree was born. That when on for about a year and a half, and then I started Illustrated Insanity.
What inspires you?
Most everything I write is born out of my own imagination, but various events, whether in the news, or things I just see or hear people do, help put the spark in my oddly-shaped brain.
What medium to you use?
I draw all of my comics, frame-by-frame, in pencil first. Afterwards, I ink over the pencils and erase the pencils with a soft, white eraser that won't damage the inks. Then I scan the comic, and color it in photoshop.
Last CD you bought?
I'm not really sure...either Mt. Forever by The Party of Helecopters, or Yank Crime by Drive Like Jehu.
Comic strip that you would like to punch?
I'm a pacifist. But I would protest against all the stale, repetitive, and archetypal gamer comics out there.
Finish this sentence. What the fuck is wrong with.....